Who we are

We're a swinger couple.

We like to enjoy moments of complicity, seduction and passion with other people.

How we are

Ninfa is a woman with very steep curves, bicurious or heteroflexible, likes to play with a woman to certain limits and unleashes heses if there is complicity.

Gulf is a straight man, he likes play and complicity, he loves to enjoy and make enjoy.

What we're looking for

We are looking for people to share moments full of morbidity and fun.

Couples, girls and boys, we don't care about order or quantity.

We seek to have encounters where our most exciting fantasies and our passion are carried away by the debauchery of the moment, always with respect, education and hygiene.

What we Like

We like variety.

We like the exchange of couples.

We like threesomes with another man.

We like threesomes with another woman.

We like gangbangs.

We like dogging.

We like an evening with a dinner, a wine or a beer, a few laughs and then see it come up.

We like to go straight if there is attraction from the beginning.

We like to go slowly.

We like the premises of liberal atmosphere or swinger.

We like to go to a hotel or an intimate area and untie ourselves.

We like to take photos and videos and share them with our followers.

And above all, we like to enjoy and enjoy.

What we offer

Hygiene; in our meetings we take the necessary security measures to prevent sexually transmitted contagions.

Sex yes, but sure.

Respect; we adapt to the tastes of others while they are compatible with our own, we know how to respect each person's limits and ask that they respect ours.

A NO is a NO at all times.

Discretion; What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Discretion and privacy first and foremostics is essential in our lives. We don't give data on the people we're with.

All people who appear in photos, videos or posts that are distributed on our social networks or sexual content platforms will always go with their faces covered or blurred so that the identity of the participants, including ourselves, is not recognized.