Dogging or Cancaneo

We start this post to define what "dogging" or "cancaneo" consists of from our knowledge and experience. Feedback and experiences are supported.

  1. Dogging is basically a sexual practice that involves having straight sex with third parties in public places. Do not confuse with "Cruising", which is a sexual practice with some similarity but which is practiced in the gay environment.
  2. In Spain and France it is also defined as "Cancaneo", but the word "Dogging" has been more popular in this time.
  3. There are usually common areas for these practices.
  4. They usually play:
    • As a couple and strangers
    • Girl alone inviting others to play.
    • Boys alone when they're invited by a couple or a girl alone.

Don't confuse with having sex in public places with your partner alone. Dogging requires the participation of third parties.

  1. The usual games are in or around the car, although there are beach and mountain areas also frequent.
  2. If you see a car in a regular dogging spot with the light inside the car on, the position or intermittently is usually notice that a couple wants to play.
  3. If you see a couple provoking or having sex inside the car with the windows raised, it means they admit look for their excitement and morbidity. Nothing more than looking.
    • Eye!!!!!! Do not confuse with couples who only intend to have an intimate encounter. If they tell you they don't want anything, stay away and don't bother.
  4. If the vehicle windows are lowered, it is allowed that they can touch or touch outside windows.
  5. If you open the vehicle door or leave it, it is usually an invitation to participate.
  6. if you see a group playing outside and they're accessible, it doesn't mean you're invited to participate, approach in a pridey way, observe the situation and with a simple sign or question if you can participate.
    • If NOT, step aside and if you want to observe the morbid situation of the moment.
    • If yes, make the woman enjoy the best you can.
  7. A NO is a NO!. If they put your hand away or explicitly tell you NO, don't go on. Step aside and let others play with the girl or partner as they wish.
  8. Across the liberal world, discretion, respect, education and hygiene prevail.
  9. Do not take photos or videos unless instructed to do so by the girl or couple.
  10. Always use condoms, except with your own partner. It is necessary to maintain the hygiene, safety and tranquility of all.
  11. Enjoy and be morbid.
Causing in dogging
Causing inside the car in a dogging area.

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